In striving to become a comprehensive Tier-II supplier of aerospace components, we perform a variety of assembly processes. Fore Machine routinely integrates internally produced parts as well as those procured from other sources.

We can offer our customers completed Sub-Assemblies and Finished Assemblies. We also offer this as a Contract Service or Off-Load.

In addition to precision aircraft components, we also manufacture a variety of Support Equipment for the Aerospace Industry.


  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Force Gradient Assemblies
  • Pylon Assemblies
  • Bulkhead Assemblies
  • Cover Assemblies
  • Jackshaft Assemblies
  • Actuator Assemblies
  • Bell-Crank Assemblies
  • Manifolds


  • Riveting
  • BPS 4012 – Thermal Fitting
  • BPS 4162 – Installation and Retention of Bearing Though Staking
  • BPS 4542 – Cold Expansion of Fatigue Critical Holes in Metals
  • BPS 4548 – High Interference Fit Bushing Installation for Fatigue Life Improvement
  • BPS 4558 – Nut Plate Installation by Cold Expansion