Fore Machine’s state-of-the-art Composite Bonding Facility includes three high capacity curing ovens as well as a Bell Helicopter Certified Clean Room. We are approved to manufacture Bell 150-022 & 150-044 Bell Helicopter Anti-Fretting Buffers. Fore Machine specializes in producing extremely high quality work while having the ability for a quick turn-around time. We have the capability to bond parts, materials, fabrics, buffers, cork, plastics and other materials as needed. Contact us via phone (817-834-6251) or email (quotes @ foremachine dot com) for more information.

Aside from being approved for Bell Standards 150-022 & 150-044, we are approved for a wide variety of Bell bonding processes including:

  • BPS 4352 – Surface Preparation of Materials for Adhesive Bonding
  • BPS 4402 – Structural Adhesive Bonding Using Epoxy Based Adhesives
  • BPS 4403 – Secondary Adhesive Bonding Using Epoxy Based Adhesives
  • BPS 4408 – Structural Adhesive Bonding Using High Temperature Curing Modified Epoxy Film
  • BPS 4416 – Calibration and Verification of Thermal Processing Equipment
  • BPS 4437 – Bonded Reinforced Fiberglas Structures
  • BPS 4446 – Composite Bonding
  • BPS 4458 – Structural Adhesive Bonding Using Intermediate-High Performance Supported and Unsupported Adhesive Film
  • BPS 4528 – Electrical Bonding and Grounding of A/C Structures